Angels & Demons

Growing up, I was able to see demons. Demons are real but so are angels and so is the One, Jesus Christ, who has power over them.

Angels or Demons

Most people have a natural built-in resistance toward acknowledging the ugly side of our spiritual reality. Demons know this. That is why their preferred method of engaging with us is as beings of light.

Personally, I have been aware of the demonic realm since I was a very young child. I was pursued relentlessly by demonic beings and suffered from sleep paralysis, demonic visions, nightmares and night terrors. Ultimately, it was my inability to deny the reality of the evil spiritual realm that made me seek its opposite.

Negative Entities

In the New Age, these evil spirits or demons are more commonly referred to as ‘negative entities.’ There is a belief that ‘the Universe’ (=creation and creator all rolled into one) is neutral and that anything we encounter is merely a projection of what is inside us since we are also both creation and creator.

So I’m grateful for my early experiences which have made it all but impossible for me to deny the spiritual reality that is the opposite of God. At the same time, I’m feeling a bit sheepish (pardon the pun) for falling for the old wolf in sheep’s clothing trick that these same evil spirits pulled off so well later on in my life.

Once they could no longer terrorise me with fear, they found other ways to ensnare my soul. After all, they had a job to do and they weren’t going to stop just because my brain filter had been installed so that I could no longer see their true nature properly.

Seeking Power

When a child has been abused and terrorised, they long to have power over their life and to feel in control. They long for this because trust doesn’t feel like an alternative. After all, the people they trusted abandoned and abused them. Demonic alternatives to faith in God promise a substitute to that trust. That is why so many of us who have walked the path of the Dark Arts come from an abusive home environment.

The substitute to trust in God is all about power and control, ‘manifesting’ and creating our own reality through rituals and spellcasting. This brings us back to the original sin and the serpent tempting Adam and Eve with the promise that they would be as gods. At this stage in humanity’s spiritual history there had been no abuse; The serpent was speaking directly to our pride.

Simple Trust

My reason for writing this blog post is simple. It’s about the acid test of any ‘entity’ or spiritual practice: Does it allow you to have greater levels of trust in God or is it centred around control and personal power?

Does it allow you to rest deeply in God’s peace, knowing that you are infinitely loved and cared for, or does it make you feel a never-ending need to fork out for more tools and workshops on your quest for developing your full divine potential or to ascend?

As for evil spirits, my psychic grandmother once told me that the only way she could get them to leave her alone was to ask them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. That simple statement always stuck with me. I highly recommend you test this for yourself if you are not sure that the spiritual being you are connecting with is of God. Simply ask them ‘Who is Jesus Christ?’

By their reaction, you will surely know the answer!

Ex Ghost Hunters

Watch this powerful testimony by two former ghost hunters who had many encounters with ‘negative entities’!

The Old Hag

Not long after I got involved in witchcraft in my early 30’s, a psychic friend of mine who was a medium, told me that she saw an old hag pop up by my side and the sight of this hag terrified her. I still remember watching her tremble, staring to the side of me with wide eyes.

However, when she told me about this creepy old hag, I didn’t feel fear but a rush of pride because I know she was there as a guide on my path of the Craft. I was in a very dark place spiritually at the time, needless to say, one where the spirits didn’t even need to bother with disguises.

It was only a few short months later that this friend turned her life over to Christ. She had seen enough of the dark side (possibly thanks to hanging out with me!) to know she wanted nothing to do with it. I remember not being very nice about her conversion and our friendship ended not long after that.


I think it was around the same time that I started looking into Angel Healing and Angel Magick. In the back of my head, there was this constant niggle about why none of these ‘Angels’ were fulfilling their intended roles as messengers of God. I told that voice to shut up. It was much more fun to feel that I could be like God and direct the angels myself.

But the doubt never left me and I failed miserably at playing God. There are no positions open for that role, people – It’s been filled!

Would an angel serve us in our own ‘deification process’? No, of course not. Real angels teach us to trust the Lord. True angels don’t flinch at the name of Jesus. Angels of God don’t insist on us referring to Jesus as the ‘Cosmic Christ’ or ‘Yeshua’ or ‘Christ Consciousness.’ Both angels and demons know the power of the name.

Extraordinary Times

We live in extraordinary times. Never have so many people been awake to a spiritual reality beyond the ordinary five senses. Never have so many started to realise that they have been lied to about our spiritual reality. Since I had my own (re-)awakening and surrendered to God through Jesus Christ, I have been going through dozens of testimonies by people who have been called out from the darkness.

Watching those testimonies from so many different types of people, from all walks of life is nothing short of AMAZING! It proves that the living God is more powerful than this present darkness.

I love you and I’m here for you if you need someone to talk to.

In Him


2 replies on “Angels & Demons”

Watching the video was a confirmation of some experiences I had. I don’t know if what I’m going to say relates entirely with the blog post and I can’t share the experiences because they are too long and I can’t even explain it very well in english. The “spirits/ghost” words and subjects to me are like a warning sign itself, something that I’m not even comfortable talking about because I feel that I can attract entities just by giving attention to it. Watching things like ghost hunts, which is not my type although at home my boyfriend likes, can pull those entities near and I can feel that something is inside the house that’s not usual and wanting to scare me. My boyfriend does not feel anything because he tells a story that he has been “sealed”. Both of us as babies had a lot of problems with this kind of things, our parents went with us to certain priests and things went back to normal after that, they tell. In recent years I come to the conclusion that it never stopped with me and from time to time in a certain area of my parent’s house I felt watched, the same area where I cried a lot as a baby. My point is if there’s a subject I don’t feel comfortable is this one and there are a lot of people that make a life mission “to lead the souls to the light” and they feel good in doing it with the protection of Jesus.

Thanks for sharing, Ana! It’s not our mission to lead souls on the other side to Christ. That is His work and His alone. The ‘ghosts’ are not departed loved ones stuck on the earth plane, nor are they neutral spiritual ‘entities’ – They are demons, plain and simple. That was the point of the video. And anybody who is engaged in those activities need to repent and turn to the Lord.

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