The Devil’s Picture Book

This is my testimony of moving from Tarot to the Truth, from the deception of the NWO to the deep wisdom of the Word of God, from selfish desires to grace.

Blogging About Blogging


In today’s post I reflect on the accusation of not engaging in enough ‘self-reflection’ since my change of paths from the occult to following Jesus.

The Occult

Abandoned by God?

Just over a year ago, a demon-possessed young man pointed at me and shouted, ‘There goes one abandoned by God!’ — These are my thoughts on this memory…

Daily Scripture

Bit and Bridle

The Tarot cards kept me captive in a pattern of reactivity, looking for the cards (rather than Holy Spirit) to show me the way forward. The cards were my ‘bit and bridle.’

Daily Oracle

Coming Together

In our daily oracle reading for Saturday 4 April 2020, we are looking at the significance of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. We are working with the Marchetti Tarot and the Runes.