My Daniel Fast Divorce

Summarising my Daniel Fast experience in this post and what it has been like to get divorced during this time. You’ll want a divorce too when you read this!

Daniel Fast Completed

So I’ve just come out of my 21-day Daniel Fast. I’ll come clean and admit that I did not give up tea and coffee but other than that I followed the fasting guidelines. Giving up dairy was the hardest for me. I was already on a sugar-free diet, so that part wasn’t hard at all, nor was giving up meat. If anything, I’ve consumed way more carbs than I normally do.

In this post from three weeks ago, I outlined the main reasons for wanting to do this fast. Much healing has happened since then, especially in terms of restoration of my gift as a seer. I’m relearning how to see through the eyes of the heart. The gift of seership was not valued in the church setting I was in as a young Christian and this is one of the main reasons why I ended up leaving the church.


Not being valued or encouraged to use my gifts in service of the Lord is on them; my choosing to drift further and further away from Him is on me. Now He is showing me where I went wrong and I have a lot to repent of. The process of restoration, sanctification, and renewing of my mind is sometimes very painful as I’m being shown clearly how my thoughts, words, and deeds added to His pain on the cross.

During my blog break, I decided to resurrect Angelorum, my old metaphysical site. The sole purpose for doing this is so that more people can find the Truth. It’s a fairly well-visited blog since it has been around for a few years. I changed a few things around and now have my testimony right at the top of the page.

I also link to my testimony on all the pages that get the most hits on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do this on all the nearly 2,000 posts on the blog, but at least people who come to the Angelorum site now have a good chance of finding Jesus.

In addition to making these changes, I felt guided to share some of the research I had done about the casting of lots versus divination. It’s amazing how I keep stumbling across relevant Scripture passages for this topic and my understanding of these topics keeps expanding way beyond what I managed to summarise in this Angelorum post.

Moving in the Prophetic

The next topic I’m exploring is prophecy and the moving in the prophetic. There is actually a book titled ‘Moving in the Prophetic‘ that I was guided to buy a few days ago. It was in this book that I came across the concept of leaving behind the spirit of this age in such a way that I was able to declare a divorce from it.

Making that declaration set me free in a palpable way. I actually had tears of gratitude streaming down my face afterwards. It has freed me to begin seeing again and to not be afraid to see. This only happened yesterday morning and it was one of those pinnacle experiences of walking with the Lord that I wanted to make sure I wrote down as to not forget.

The Spirit of This Age

Later the same day, I prayed for the Lord to show me the spirit of this age, and what I saw was a pyramid-shaped entity with a metallic sheen. It has no ears or eyes to see with but it has a mouth that pumps out black goo for our consumption.

As we consume what the spirit of this age feeds us, this black, goo-like substance stops up the eyes and ears of our hearts and makes us want to imitate the spirit of this age. Like it, we pump out more and more content on social media. We rarely pause to listen to that still small voice within and when we do, we strain to hear it. Yuck!

You know that feeling after you break up with someone that you were really never a suitable match with anyway but you kept telling yourself that everything would work out fine for ages because it beat being on your own… and then after the break-up, you see just how bad a match they were? And then it’s like, “What was I thinking?” Yeah, that feeling.

The Zeitgeist is ugly, folks. Its only reason for existing is to blind you to the Truth. I highly recommend divorcing it. Do it out loud in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Follow Him instead of the spirit of this age. Like Greg Haslam says, “If you are married to the spirit of the age in this life, you’ll be widow in the next.”


One of the most confusing things for me to deal with since my return to the Lord is to try and wrap my head around the fact that the context I got saved in at the age of 17 was so completely void of the gifts of the Spirit. How got they get one aspect of the faith (salvation) so right and another so completely wrong (Holy Spirit)?

In the end, we can’t look to a church to save us or give us the Truth, only the Lord Himself can do that for us. That’s where I went wrong because I had made my church family almost a substitute for the Lord and I expected them to minister to me in a way that only He can.

Harassed by Evil Spirits

Earlier this morning I spoke with someone on Twitter who had fallen into the same trap and left the church that hurt her and her son to become a witch.

When we blame people or the church for our own pain, we can drift so very far… straight into the arms of the Enemy. This poor witch reached, asking for help because she was being harassed by evil spirits. I responded from a place of love and was repaid by having abuse heaped on me, including name-calling.

I will keep this tormented woman in my prayers. She is me only months ago. Please join me in prayer for her, the Lord knows her name. I know the Lord will go after her as He went after me. He loves His lost sheep so much more than we can ever imagine.

In Him,


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