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The enemies of God gather pace but so does the Church triumphant through the grace of God and through Jesus Christ gathering his friends to meet up online.

And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

Ezekiel 36:1-38

As some of you may recall, my return to Christ started with prayer and fasting for the children who are victims of SRA. I had been watching Out of Shadows and real life heroes like Jon Wedger, who refers to himself as ‘a friend of Jesus’ gather people who want to defend children from pedophiles and SRA; I wanted to be part of that movement for truth and justice.

God is using the lockdown

Around the same time, God had drawn me back to His living Word through the Daily Audi Bible podcasts. It was a perfect storm and it was all happening because of the lockdown.

God is using this lockdown to gather his lost sheep. He is taking the hearts of those who have hearts of stone and giving them His heart, so that we may have ‘hearts of flesh’–hearts of deep compassion for humanity.

On my return to Christ, I had to look around at the mess I created since leaving him. I had tried to build a life without Christ as my cornerstone and it was tumbling down around me. In the rubble, I got on my knees and I asked for forgiveness. I had denied him as Lord and Saviour for almost 20 years and the evidence–my life–spoke for itself.

church online repentance

Abundant life

Since that day, I have been asking God to bring me into right relationship with him and to show me what that looks like. Knowing that my downfall the last time around was my focus on approval of other Christians and fitting in, he guides me like the Good Shepherd that he is.

In isolation, I seek His heart and can’t even begin to worry about going to church. This is so good and so right for what I need to grow in grace right now!

All I want is the life God wants for me. I hunger for more… and I want to know what that abundant life looks like. I’m being guided through others who have been given a stone-heartectomy–Those who are further along the path, like Todd White. In the video below, Todd actually mentions how videos are changing lives in areas that can’t be reached in any other way.

The church online triumphant

The Enemy cannot stop the church from growing and it grows better and faster during times of persecution. Christians have been banned from gathering in churches, so they seek each other out online instead. They listen more fervently to God’s word via podcasts and YouTube videos; they form online prayer groups (shout-out to Christine!).

Many–myself included–repent of a life away from the Lord, as we witness the destruction of the Enemy raining down on believers and non-believers alike. We know who wins this battle in the end. Jesus Christ wrote the final chapter. We are the church triumphant… online, for now.

These are exciting times! How is God moving you closer to His heart at this time? Drop a comment!

In Him


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