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The Plandemic – How the 1% Sold Us Out

The daily oracle for 8 April, 2020, answers how to navigate the Plandemic and protect ourselves from the 1%. We are working with the Earth Warrior Oracle once more.

the plandemic how the 1% sold us out

A week or two into the news broadcasts talking about nothing other than Covid-19, I started realising that things were not as they seemed. As a shaman /sentinel, you go into that ‘high alert’ mode where you actively start pattern-detecting and dot-connecting so that you can keep your people safe.

It was around that time a friend of mine send me a Project Camelot video from 2010 where they mention how ‘China Will Catch a Cold.’ Seven Years later, Dr Fauci talks about the ‘surprise outbreak’ that will happen. Nobody should have been surprised when this happened but everyone was sufficiently distracted to not pay attention and that is what the 1% bank on, after all, they control mass media.

Going down the rabbit hole…

When you go down one YouTube rabbit hole, you invariably go down several. I want to take this opportunity to thank Shaun Attwood for opening many doors to new rabbit holes for me. Thanks to him, I found many leads that I would never otherwise have found, such as Dr Paul Cottrell.

Unfortunately, YouTube is becoming less and less reliable as a source of information due to heavy censorship. People like to poke fun at tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists getting all their information from YouTube, but you have to ask yourself, ‘Where can you find reliable information reliable information in times like these? – In Rothschild-owned mass media?’ Nope. They are working in overdrive to get us to accept the vaccine foisted on us by eugenics-loving mass murderer Bill Gates.

Thankfully, YouTube is NOT the only alternative media source. I find that reading articles saves time when you are looking for relevant information, and for that I especially like articles by real doctors, such as THIS ONE by epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski, where he proposes using the model now implemented in Sweden. I think it is really important to question if it is in our best interests to be locked down for months on end.

Dr Kendrick proposes that the cost in terms of both money and lives will be much higher, due to crashing the economy with an extended lockdown. He is also able to show that there is already a death toll for non-Covid patients because of the Covid lockdown. As you can see in the discussion in the comments under both blog posts, he is not the only medical professional who shares these views.

Who benefits from the lockdown?

As many people are aware, there was a drill for a coronavirus outbreak back in October 2019, headed by Bill Gates. This drill was called Event 201 and in it, they practised the scenario we see being lived out now. It takes an extraordinary amount of stupidity to believe that Event 201 is a ‘coincidence,’ especially since Bill Gates has so much to gain from this scenario financially.

However, Bill Gates is not the only one who has a lot to gain. Ever heard of the World Economics Forum? It is an organization formed in 1971 that works hand in glove with the super corrupt World Health Organization, currently under the leadership of war criminal Tedros Adhanom. WEF is the guys who gather in Davos ones a year, a club for the Elite.

The World Economis Forum has a Covid Platform that you can access if you are member. Membership is $52,000 for an individual and $263,000 for industry partners. Thankfully, an insider is demonstrating for those of us who can’t afford memebership how this platform works in this video. The Covid Platform is 200 levels deep – not something you put up in a week, month or even a year. This PLANdemic has been a long time coming.

Not only have the 1% already planned and protected their own assets against this scenario, they have planned how to reduce the Earth’s population, as well as how to control ALL of the food supply. It’s not a secret, you just need to have $52,000 at hand and you too can be part of the 5% that are still alive and free to move about after this PLANdemic has been played out…


Of course, this depends on if things will go to plan or not. What can we do? Is it too late? I pulled a card from the Earth Warriors Oracle, which is the only oracle currently calling to me. Pachamama has a simple message for us:

If we wish to survive this, we have to return to Nature. We have to lessen our dependene on AI and technology. We must get back to living in harmony with the land, growing our own food and setting up communities off the surveillance grid, where people care for and protect each other as well as Mother Earth.

There is nothing inherently evil about AI but it has been hijacked by people whose main motivating force is greed and an unsatiable hunger for control. Any new technology can be used either for good or for evil. Eventually, when mankind matures, I feel confident that we will be able to use tech only for good. This will be the age of contact with other intelligent life in the Universe.

Go out into Nature today and really connect with Her. Leave an offering and allow Her to nurture your heart, your root and your crown. We come from Her and return to Her. She is a force of great intelligence and she is willing to allow those who revere Her to harness that force. This is the medicine we need against a technocratic society with surveillance capitalism as its main ideology.

We have a long return journey ahead of us. It will, most likely, not happen within the next couple of generations. Our ancestors are cheering us on, as we face one of the most pivotal battles in the history of mankind.

With Love

2 replies on “The Plandemic – How the 1% Sold Us Out”

Thank you for new avenues of exploration and research. I will say that I read an article today that due to the pandemic Texas wi become more urbanized, and my first thought was, “Isn’t that exactly the opposite of what our experience is showing we need?” People are planting food to grow, getting chickens, and learning to homestead due to this, but big business wants to create a more urban country…more dependent on the government and big business? Living in even closer quarters to more easily spread disease? No thanks.

My pleasure, Natasha. Yes, keeping the population in urban grids, where we are under constant surveillance and eating synthetic foods (which won’t be what THEY are eating) is their goal – AFTER they have taken most of us out. No thanks indeed. Now is the time to take action. For now it has to be online where we are sadly shadow censored and shadow banned… Soon we can gather again. It’s important we do. Peaceful protests and contacting the relevant higher ups for change and support is crucial if we don’t want what China has already rolled out.

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