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What It Takes to be a Covid Hero

For our daily oracle today, I ask the Tarot what it takes to be a Covid Hero. Check out what the Morgan Greer Tarot has to say about it!

It took me a couple of days to figure out that there was something fishy going on with the Covid lockdown. After that, I soon lost my faith that constant hand-washing or social distancing would make me the hero the government would have me think I was. I obviously still wash my hands and keep my distance. It’s not like I’m a dirty criminal.

Things felt a bit gloomy after that. The truths I uncovered were making me increasingly depressed about where this was heading… but then I came across the video below… and I thought – FINALLY, a real life Covid hero! Someone who is questioning the fearmongering and how this is being dealt with by the authorities. In a non-social distancing future, I would like to give this woman a hug for inspiring me to fight on.

Gepostet von Frideborg Eddy am Freitag, 10. April 2020

I tried to find some background info other than the fact that the men in hazmat suits were from One Housing but I couldn’t find out more online. All I found was the tweet below with a link that takes you to a deleted page….

So I did a thing to support this new hero of mine… I wrote to One Housing. I want her (and them) to see that there are many who care and who won’t watch the video without taking action. That’s where they want us… passive, consuming anything that feeds our fear – Ultimately, begging them to provide the solution to the problem they caused.

So far I have an automated reply from One Housing, telling me that it will be around 10 days before they get back to me. I promise to keep you updated!

The Tarot on what it takes to be Covid hero

The 7 of Cups tells us that what it takes is the courage to look behind the smokescreen of mass media illusion and distraction, beyond the official narrative and the multiple lies that are pumped out on a daily basis to support that narrative.

It takes the kind of courage displayed by David Icke who just would not shut up for 30 years… and like that of the woman in the video above who, though her voice was shaking, stepped up and took one for the team.

No matter how hard they hit people like that with censorship, more and more of us will step up. We will not let them cram any more lies down our throats. And you know what, it doesn’t matter if your voice is shaking because you – Truth Seeker – will always be more powerful than those who deal in lies.

We live in dangerous times, in a country that doesn’t have the best interest of its population at heart. We live in a country where only one official narrative is allowed and anybody with a dissenting voice is ridiculed, censored and suppressed. We live in a country that only pretends to be a democracy and not very well either these days. The question is… What are you going to do about it?

With Love

Deck used: Morgan Greer Tarot

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