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For our daily oracle today, I wanted a message from Spirit about the current explosion of online Censorship. The message from the Earth Warrior Oracle couldn’t be more apt!

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Yesterday, I wrote a blog post on Angelorum where I talk about tonight’s Full Moon in Libra. I briefly mention Saturn in Aquarius and how it impinges on our civil liberties. After what happened tonight, it has become even more clear to me, just how tightly controlled things are getting… and we’re only at the beginning of this aspect!

We are moving beyond shadow banning and shadow censorship which has been going on for years, to outright censorship and YouTube videos being taken down as soon as they go up. This is the case with David Icke’s latest LondonReal interview which had not been up for half an our before it was removed.

Luckily for me, I knew this would happen so I used 4K Video Downloader as soon as the live streaming had ended. I saved it to my own computer and uploaded it to FB where it has had more than 2,000 views at the time of publishing this article.

By the way, it is possible, likely even, that I will get banned from FB over things like this. It has already happened to one person I know. I may even get a visit from the police, like this guy.

Of course, David Icke and LondonReal had copies of the interview saved too, as they too knew this would happen (thanks Dame Melanie Dawn, Ofcom regulator). You can grab the video on David Icke’s site. Please share it. When official regulators step up with censorship on this magnitude, we ALL need to show that we don’t agree with it, whether we agree with the message or not.

Can you trust the BBC?

I personally don’t agree with everything David Icke says but I think it is important for his voice to be heard, especially since we know mass media is lying to us. If you think you are getting the truth by watching the BBC news broadcasts on the current situation, please think again.

This is the same BBC who protected prolific pedophile Jimmy Savile for decades and made sure that the investigations went no further after he was finally exposed. (Hint: the top pedophiles are still at large) They also made a newscast about Tower 7, aka the Salomon Brothers Building (after 9/12) having gone down when, in fact, it was still standing… though it did go down 20 minutes after the broadcast. They’re not even ashamed of themselves.

Medicine Horse – Freedom

Question everything and assert your freedom and dignity.

Today’s oracle from the Earth Warriors Oracle is Medicine Horse bringing in FREEDOM as a theme in a direct question about ‘What I need to know about the current censorship.’ This is a reminder that true freedom equals spiritual freedom. Our souls cannot be caged. We need to keep realigning with Source to strengthen our autonomy often in these perilous times. There are monsters who wish to deprive us of our liberties so we need to stick together, running wild, like horses on the plains to avoid being herded into an existence where we live in AI-controlled grids.

Horse teaches us that we need to develop our intuition so we know who has our best interests at heart and who doesn’t. We need to learn to trust our intuition about whom to team up with and whom to stay away from. Remember, in the police state that is being rapidly constructed all around us as we remain in house arrest, more and more police officers will go undercover to infiltrate the resistance. This has happened in the past, even to the point of romantic entrapment of environmental activist.

Wake up before it’s too late…

I’m urging all of you, and any people in the emergency service in particular, who may be reading this to WAKE UP. Trust me, you won’t want to be on their side. The basic liberties of your children are as much at stake as those of our children.

With Love

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