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Coming Together

In our daily oracle reading for Saturday 4 April 2020, we are looking at the significance of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. We are working with the Marchetti Tarot and the Runes.

Coming Together Jupiter Pluto conjunction 4 April 2020 daily oracle

This morning, I found the first white cherry blossom in our garden. The tree is actually on the other side of the wall and its roots go deep in the soil of our neighbouring graveyard.

Pluto is the god of the underworld and it is no coincidence that we have this sign of renewal/rebirth (spring blossoms) and purification (white flowers) from the domain of the dead on the day of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

A friend sent me a message about a global meditation project for this conjunction. I have decided to take part, even if it means getting up at 3.30 AM tomorrow morning because that is how important I feel this celestial event is for the times we are in. This is a very real opportunity to bring more light to the darkness we are in, so that we may find our way forward in peace and harmony with Mother Earth, Source and each other. I hope you will join us!

So message are we getting from the runes and the Tarot for this conjunction?

Let’s start with the runes. Here we have Isa, the rune of stillness and the perfect rune for symbolising a lockdown. Isa signifies a frozen state. The name of the rune literally means ‘ice.’ We cannot move forward yet but that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do. We can use the energy of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction to deeper within.

Go deeper within for what? For soul alchemy! Temperance is the card signifying soul alchemy, deep healing and realignment that allows us to give birth to a new vision. The Ace of Swords gives extra emphasis to the energy of ‘newness’ and thinking new thoughts.

Isa is a necessary energy now because so many of us are still emotionally stuck in the past (6 of Cups), hoping for things to return to normal. This conjunction can help us accept that things will never return to normal. For today’s Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, my prayer is that the new normal will be greater levels of love, peace and understanding.

With Love

Deck used: Marchetti Tarot

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