About Me

Hello my friend, thanks for stopping by! As you can probably guess from the site URL, I live in the UK. My name is Frideborg and I’m Swedish by birth. Frideborg (FREE-duh-borg) means ‘fortress of peace’ in Old Norse.

Jesus Christ is my Fortress of Peace and this blog is a place for me to expand that peace into the world. I blog about the Bible, discipleship and various topics that can be helpful in terms of helping Christians understand the occult/New Age. The gospel is the rhythm to any musings on this blog, so hopefully the joy is palpable!

In April 2020, after 20 years in the occult/New Age and nine years as a Tarot reader, I surrendered, quit trying to ‘ascend’ and asked Jesus to be the Lord of my life. I laid down the cards and picked up the cross…